A Cold Sweat

Written by Eric Coker
In the gripping emotional drama 'A Cold Sweat,' a loveless couple's relationship teeters on the edge of collapse as the boyfriend's paralyzing paranoia consumes their every moment. As their lives spiral deeper into a web of fear and suspicion, they must confront their deepest insecurities and fight against a relentless tide of doubt, ultimately leading them to a devastating end that shatters their world and tests the limits of their sanity.


Age:24 Male Black
Forrest Mitchel Jr. "FM" is a complex and troubled individual. His paranoia consumes him, affecting every aspect of his life. He often feels that people are out to get him. He is haunted by mistrust and doubts about the people around him, constantly searching for hidden agendas. As the series progresses, FM's mental state deteriorates, and he becomes increasingly isolated and erratic. FM is also haunted by his father's choices and the impact they have on his perception of himself.
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Age:24 Female Black
Avis is FM's baby mama and the mother of their two sons. She is determined and resourceful, always seeking solutions to their problems. Avis has a secretive side, which sometimes raises FM's suspicions. She wants a better life and takes risks to achieve that. Avis's frustration with FM's constant paranoia is intensifying, and it's becoming even more challenging as her love and patience fade.
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Age:24 Male Black
Blue is an imaginary alter ego, a manifestation of FM's deepest fears and insecurities. He serves as a constant companion, representing the darker aspects of FM's psyche. With a manipulative nature, Blue takes pleasure in taunting FM's sexuality and fueling his paranoia. His invasive presence, constantly invading FM's personal space, serves as a haunting reminder of the internal battle FM faces. Their complex relationship delves into the intertwined themes of paranoia, identity, and what it means to be a man.
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Age:49 Male Black
Forrest Mitchell Senior is a highly intelligent and strategic man who conceals an alternate lifestyle beneath his commanding exterior. With calculated precision, he navigates life, prioritizing personal ambitions. However, his emotional detachment prevents remorse, leaving a void in his family's lives. Forrest embodies a complex blend of intelligence, ambition, and emotional distance.
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Age:44 Male Black
Radcliff, 44, is FM's uncle and the man Forrest has always loved. Radcliff's affair with Forrest spanned before, during, and after Forrest's marriage to his older sister, Malease. With a polished exterior, Radcliff often exudes a tough and no-nonsense attitude. He's direct and unafraid to challenge false perceptions. Radcliff's actions may seem divisive, but they are driven by a mix of regret, longing, and a desire to have children.
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Age:8 Male Black
Tripp is FM and Avis's eldest son. He is curious, observant, and perceptive for his age. Tripp has a close bond with his younger brother, Rexx, and looks out for him. He is caught in the middle of his parents' conflicts, but he still maintains a sense of innocence.
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Age:4 Male Black
Rexx is FM and Avis's youngest son. He is energetic and playful, often seeking attention and adventure. Rexx idolizes his older brother, Tripp, and follows him wherever he goes. Rexx is an innocent and loving child who becomes a source of hope and stability amidst the chaos caused by FM's unraveling mental state.
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