Written by Eric Coker
Step into the enigmatic world of "Paradox," where the line between victim and perpetrator blurs, and reality is a puzzle, not a picture. This gripping tale unravels the lives of Mr. Eagan, a respected teacher, and his student Solomon, a homeless high school senior, whose paths collide in a shocking twist of fate. After a night of blurred boundaries and substance-induced haze, their truths become entwined in a thought-provoking narrative that challenges everything you know about reality.
Immerse yourself in the depths of the human psyche, with raw and emotional performances that breathe life into these complex characters. In an era where discussions about consent, power dynamics, and trauma are more vital than ever, "Paradox" fearlessly confronts these issues head-on.
Brace yourself for a narrative that will stretch your boundaries, ignite essential conversations, and etch a lasting impact on your soul.
"Paradox" - Whose reality will you believe?
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